Many years of preparation, exhausting but wonderful 10 days with beautiful people and finally the two magnificent concerts of 5 Rivers are over, but this is not the end! We believe it's exactly the opposite. A new path has appeared. Water which flows in that direction shows us the way. And we would like to thank to all of you who made THE River full of courage, love, faith and understanding, to all of you who participated in the 5 Rivers project.The list of names is so long that there was no time to thank you all at any stage or during the press conference etc. So we chose our web page for it.

The first person who deserves our huge respect and admiration is Norman Gamboa. He is the true hero in our eyes. As one of the few he wasn't scared in the time of our biggest pain and he stayed with us - compassionate, undestanding, waiting, faithful and ready for the challenge which appeared about three years ago.

He was the only possible person who could and who wanted to conduct the orchestra formed for the rivers. Without his great experience, dedication, patience and real modesty this all wouldn't have been possible. He is an absolutely incredible person who arrived from US on his own expenses, went with us throught all the difficulties in those days of moving the orchestra from place to place, throught discomfort, cold and rain and he didn't want anything in return - just to be with us and work together.

Another big thanks go to the team, which was really young - our Barbara, Petra Náhlíková, Marie Nejezchlebová and Lukáš Švehla. It was necessary to keep an eye on all the students to be everywhere on time, to be sure that everybody had a meal on time, to make it possible for the students to travel in the city, enjoy their free time, to make them feel good, to manage that all the instruments were on right places, not to lose our stands, to - to - to - ..... it was really a lot of things. And these children were fantastic :).

Thanks to all foreign students from Mons, Košice, Riga and Wroclaw who had the courage to come to a town they hadn´t known and accept such a responsible task - to learn new compositions by unfamiliar authors in a few days . They had to adapt, to bow to the common interest although professional skills of some of them are at a very high level.

Also the professionals who helped to take part in some challenging parts - Katarina Ševčíková (harp), Eva Outratová (viola), Matouš Křiváček (contrabassoon), Marta Neumannová (english horn) had to bow and try to understand the substance of the project.

For fast replacing of one ill student from Riga we thank to Kateřina Buriancová!

Big thanks also belongs to the students who had already graduated from Conservatory and now study at academies or who already work. Those who found time for this project, who wanted to participate and didn't want anything in return - some of them had known our Jacob, some of them know the story - Michal Mikulenka (french horn), David Kovář (bass clarinet), Marie Nejezchlebová (bassoon), Lukáš Švehla (percussion), Vojtěch Kukučka (trumpet).

We also thank to the students from Prague schools who joined the project in Pilsen and spent their time with the others.

Thanks of course also go to all the students from Pilsen Conservatory who participated in the project and we hope that it was a great experience for them.

Thanks also to directors and representatives of all schools who wanted to participate in our project and believed that we could make it happen together. Without their patient and friendly communication it wouldn't have been possible to get the orchestra together. So a big thanks to you friends - Michel Stockhem, Róbert Galovics, Michale Revťáková, Maija Sipola, Gunta Miheloviča, Maria Brzuchowska, Miroslav Brejcha, Jana Ryšková, Ivan Audes, Zbyněk Paďourek, Martin Koukolík, Adam Viktora, Marek Špelina!

Thanks also belongs to Vojtěch Jouza, the choir master who prepared the choirs and at the time of the first premiere managed to welcome his newborn child to the world. We of course thank to the choirs for their effort to cope with the difficult task and for their voluntary contribution to the project.

Big thanks to Mr. Roman Janál for providing the project with his professional voice.

We must not forget the kind professional help and assistance with transporting people and instruments by "Služba školám" - Mr. Tomáš Vlášek.

We also thank to all the students who helped with moving the instruments, stands and other equipment.

Big thanks go to the Conservatory of Pilsen, the Pilsen Philharmonic and also to the Prague Conservatory for lending very important instruments to us.

Thanks to the Jewish community in Pilsen for offering us the Great Synagogue for free, as well as to the Tachov authorities for the opportunity to make the concert happen at the Riding School in Světce.

Thanks to the association KOS Planá and to Blanka Borůvková, who brought many people from this association to Světce to help and organize practical things in this beautiful building - Jana Křístková, Michaela Mertlová, Jana Basáková, the mayor Martina Němečková, Petra Tomášková, Petr Pilný, Tomáš Tomášek, Honza Florian, Zdeněk Borůvka, Gabča Berková, David Koubík.

Also thanks to our volunteers and angels who helped in the Great Synagogue - among others - Benjamin Faflík, Filip Čermák, Jakub Červený, Nikola Varmužová, Kristýna Berkovcová, Ivana Kotasová, Klára Heřmanová.

For enrichment the after party in DEPO2015 we would like to thank to 3 Dee and Art Time.

For the graphics and many, many hours of work which had been done just out of good will and friendship we would like to thank to Michal Novák very, very much.

Also a big thanks belongs to everybody from the printing office Král and to Mr. Jan Král for their dedication and friendly attitude, unbelievable prices and kind support.

Many thanks to Markéta Špelinová, Barbara Roštíková and Honza Lichtenberg for their fast and accurate translations of our thoughts and therefore the possibility to communicate with schools abroad.

To Jan Hasenöhrl, thanks for providing the music for our project trailer.

Thanks to Petr Forman, Jiří Sulženko and Andrea Žižková for being very close to the project during the whole preparation time.

Thanks to the leading politicians and all institutions that supported us financially.

Thanks also go to the journalists and all media for paying attention to the 5 Rivers project that allowed us to express many important ideas.

Thanks to the team o.p.s. 2015 for the support in the publicity campaign and for the friendly help with managing some technical details.

To Mrs. Václava Zelenková, thanks for her kind support and assistance with 5 Springs.

To Mrs. Hana Fialová, thanks for practical help in solving some complicated problems during the project.

Of course thanks to the composers for listening to our wishes, creating the pieces and for giving their work to our hands.

Thanks also to Jana Braunová for photos from the Great Synagogue.

We wish everybody all the best, a lot of personal success, the joy of work, love and faith.

It was very challenging but wonderful time with all of you. According to the responses that we got with the project 5 Rivers and magnificent ending of two concerts we all managed to open and please hearts of many people.

We love you all! :)

P.S.: If we had forgotten to mention anybody, please, forgive us. There are really a lot of people to thank to :).